Donation Delivery

Casa Teresa in the Spot Light!

We are dedicated to uplifting and supporting Casa Teresa, as they provide mothers, children, and pregnant women in crisis a safe place to heal. With the amazing help of our volunteers from Anaheim and Newport, NorthEast is so grateful to the Lord for the opportunities to bless Casa Teresa with meal donations, bibles, and essential supplies.

A special shout out to Nancy Bell, Cheryle Robinson and her son (Newport volunteers), as well as OCC Church (Anaheim volunteers), for making this donation possible!

Still Giving Back - Still Feeling Blessed

NorthEast of the Well coordinated another donation delivery to one of our programs - a safe house in Stanton for men. The delicious goodies were provided by one of our wonderful volunteers, Terry Walls, through Trellis (a nonprofit dedicated to helping communities and bringing ministries together).

As we make these donations... we are reminded:

🙌 He is a God of exceedingly great and precious promises (2 Peter 1:4)⁣

⁣🙌 He is a light that shines in a dark place (2 Peter 1:19)⁣

🙌 He is a God that helps us in distress (1 Samuel 7:12)⁣

We teamed up with Lydia House (Long beach Rescue Mission) to donate to Angel Steps!

"Giving is not just about making a donation, it is about making a difference."

It was a blessing to donate to Angel Steps yesterday, as they are a recovery home for women struggling with addiction. Lydia House (Long Beach Rescue Mission) teamed up with us for this donation — as they made delicious desserts for us to deliver to Angel Steps. It is nothing less than inspiring that one of our programs has looked beyond themselves to provide for a different recovery program!

Special shout out to Lauren (NE Teaching & Worship Associate), Demetria (long time NorthEast volunteer), Sarah (member of Lydia House/NE community member), and Shaneen (NE Re-Entry Program Coordinator), for teaming up to make this donation possible!!


God provided yet again! ✝️ Enabling us to coordinate another donation delivery to Vera's Sanctuary (the only licensed residential drug treatment site in OC dedicated to victims of human trafficking). The young ladies within Vera's were blessed and grateful to receive the dinner, yummy home-made desserts, and personalized bibles from NorthEast.

A special shout out to Leigh from Trabuco Presbyterian, as she provided the wonderful meal for the young ladies of Vera.

Memorial Day Reminder

Hello, NorthEast family!

Please note that we will not be having any of our zoom gatherings on Monday, May 25th, as it is a Holiday. Feel free to spread the word!

Thank you for understanding and let us know if you have any questions.

Serving our community with God at the forefront


Sarah (NE Ministry Program Administrator) and Susan Callas (Loaves and Fishes team member from our Newport community) coordinated the donation drop off to Prototypes, which is a service program that rebuilds the lives of women, children and communities impacted by substance abuse, mental illness and domestic violence. While we deeply miss our face-to-face bible studies and gatherings with Prototypes, we are filled with gratitude for the opportunities to donate desserts, personalized bibles, supplies, etc. to these women and children.

We are so grateful -- For God is always making a way for us to stay connected with our various programs and to continue serving the most vulnerable.

Worship 🎼 📖

Praise and honor the Lord with us today as we sing "Nothing I Hold Onto," which highlights the simple fact that we are giving it all to God and trusting in His plan.

Thank you, Daniel (NorthEast worship team & men's bible study leader), for leading us in worship!

More Donations from NorthEast to our programs! 💙

NorthEast of the Well is so grateful to donate meals, personalized bibles, and critical supplies to our various programs and outreaches especially during this time!

Rhino House (a sober living for men that we have been bringing bible studies and dinner to for almost two years) were the recipients of our donations last week — we loved the opportunity to see their faces and catch up with each of them as we dropped off pizzas, deserts, bibles, etc. While social-distancing, Alex (NorthEast Men’s Teaching & Discipleship Associate), Sarah (Ministry Program Administrator), and Bobby (long time Newport community member) coordinated the donation drop off!

At NorthEast, we acknowledge that the act of giving first started with God, and that our own gifts are a way to honor Him and to extend His love to others. We hope that through these donations, our community members will experience the joy and love of Christ.


#GivingTuesdayNow is a global day of unity taking place on MAY 5 (TOMORROW), as a response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.

While #GivingTuesdayNow reminds us of the importance of generosity during this global pandemic, it also reminds us of gratitude. Are you thankful to be at home, safe and healthy during quarantine? Consider what it’s like not having a home, family, or financial stability during this crisis. This is what many of our NorthEast community members are currently facing.

We may not be able to gather in groups during this season of social-distancing, but that does not stop NorthEast from supporting, encouraging, and giving back to our various outreaches and programs! Even with the current limitations, we continue to bring much needed meals, personalized Bibles, and critical supplies to the places and people we serve. Now more than ever, we are called to bring God's Word to the people who need it most.

While our costs and needs have stayed the same, our funding has decreased significantly since the start of the crisis - this is our moment of transformation. TOMORROW (or now), please consider making an urgent, special gift of $35, $50, $100, or whatever amount suits you. In doing so, you will be providing NorthEast with the resources needed to continue transforming lives from the inside out.

OUR GOAL: TO RAISE $30,000! Take a stand with us today!

✞ or text the word GIVE to 707.505.8352

You are what makes this goal a reality.


Broken down by the founder of NorthEast, herself: Pastor Laura Suk.

"Then, leaving her water jar, the woman went back to the town and said to the people: Come, see about a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Christ?”
- John 4:28-29


We may not be able to gather in person during this season of isolation — but that does not stop NorthEast from supporting, encouraging, and giving-back to our various outreaches and programs! Just this past week, we were blessed with numerous opportunities to connect with our NorthEast community. Not only did we donate a variety of desserts, bibles, and personalized scriptures to Vera’s Sanctuary (the only licensed residential drug treatment site in OC dedicated to victims of human trafficking), but we were also blessed with the opportunity to donate a full course dinner, flower arrangement, personalized bibles, and cards to 50+ residents of Crittenton (children and family services - providing solutions to heal the wounds of childhood trauma — specifically serving those that have experienced abuse, neglect, and system involvement).

--- More details on these wonderful days of giving-back:

The opportunity to donate a full course dinner, flower arrangement, and personalized bibles for 50+ residents of Crittenton was such a blessing for all involved. Bethany (NE donor relations) and Hannah (NE special events & communications) took the lead on this operation, and were thrilled to give-back to Crittenton during this season of uncertainty. Our friends at Crittenton were so grateful for the surprise and gifts. A special shout out to the Women at the Well President, Heather Re, for helping make this donation possible!

Laura (NE founder and director) and Shaneen (NE re-entry program coordinator) happily met with Lenora Ward and her husband Darrell, the Pastor of Village Church in Laguna Woods, who worked together to help NorthEast donate numerous desserts, bibles, and personalized scriptures to the young ladies at Vera Sanctuary. In addition, our supporters from Trabuco Presbyterian Church happily stepped in to donate a variety of desserts. After our team collected the various donations, they made it up the mountains to Vera's Sanctuary. The young ladies were overjoyed to receive the gifts and to see our NorthEast team, as we all miss our in person bible studies and gatherings so much!

Opportunities like this are blessings from God, and we will only continue to serve our community in any way that He will allow us to. We are so grateful for our donors and supporters who help make donations like these possible.
A special shout of to the ladies at Trabuco Presbyterian Church, Women at the Well, and all those involved in these donation operations!

Special note: During our donation deliveries, NorthEast keeps the current regulations forefront in our minds; making sure to social distance and wear masks/gloves during all operations.

NorthEast Weekly Zoom Gatherings

While many things have indeed changed because of the global crisis, many things still remain the same. NorthEast of the Well continues to reach out, donate, and connect with our programs and outreaches weekly. The fact that we are able to virtually gather with our community members truly means the world to us! The way we come together and give-back is most certainly different during this season of social distancing, but our love for our NE community is never-changing.

Until we are able to join together in person once again, we are committed to our weekly zoom gatherings! Some of the programs that we are currently meeting with weekly via zoom include:

☼ Anaheim and Newport Community Gathering
☼ Long Beach Community Gathering
☼ Kids Discipleship
☼ Newport Men’s Discipleship
☼ Men’s Bible Study
☼ Vera Sanctuary
☼ Newport Women’s Discipleship
☼ Long Beach Bible Study
☼ Rhino House
and more!

If you would like to be included in our Monday evening community zoom gathering (or any others), we encourage you to private message us your email address so we can add you to list/send you the zoom invitation!
When? Mondays @ 6:00 pm
How long? 1 hour, 15 minutes

✙ JOIN US!!! ✙

Pictured: Pastor Laura, NE founder & executive director, gathering with the young ladies of Vera Sanctuary (licensed residential drug treatment site in OC dedicated to victims of human trafficking) via zoom -- sending them love and word of encouragement! 📖


Today we are lifting our hands in praise as we worship the Lord. NorthEast encourages you to sing with us as we feel the presence of God through this worship song that comes entirely from Numbers 6:24-26.

.....“The LORD Bless You and Keep You".....

A MESSAGE FROM PASTOR LAURA SUK - Founder & Executive Director of NorthEast of the Well

✝️ Happy Good Friday ✝️

How are you remembering the cross today? For a time of reflection, check out the scripture and song from worship leaders Matt & Kristel Lease. Hebrews 9:22 reminds us: "Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sins." The GOOD news about GOOD Friday is that Christ paid the price for our sins, both now and forever. Jesus declared in Luke 22:20: "This cup is the new covenant between God and His people - an agreement confirmed with my blood, which is poured out as a sacrifice for you." That means we're now in an eternal, binding relationship with the Living God - we're not perfect, but we're forgiven. That makes us so thankful for the cross. ✝️
🎶 "O precious is the flow // that makes me white as snow // no other fount I know // nothing but the blood of Jesus."


Today, as always, we are praying for you, thinking of you, and missing you. Please take a moment to ♫ WORSHIP ♫ with us today by singing along to WAY MAKER!

♫ Way maker
♫ Miracle worker
♫ Promise keeper
♫ Light in the darkness
♫ My God
♫ That is who you are

"My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts, says the Lord. & my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways. & my thoughts, higher than your thoughts." Isaiah 55

Kristel emphasizes in her worship clip - "This scripture isn't to answer all our questions or dismiss them, but it's important to remind ourselves of who God is... Romans 8 tells us: God is able to take all things, ALL THINGS, good, bad, or otherwise, & work them together for the GOOD of those who LOVE Him."

A Letter from Laura 💌

"Despite the current health crisis, NorthEast is alive and well. While we continue to follow current restrictions and limit activities, there is still much good news to report:

NorthEast has reached two new programs in South Orange County: Vera’s Sanctuary in Trabuco Canyon, a facility for sex trafficking victims; and Victory House, a men’s substance abuse program in Lake Forest. New partnerships with churches such as Trabuco Presbyterian and Village Church will provide volunteers the opportunity to support our efforts as we continue to expand and grow. Our new job readiness program, Steps to Success, helps community members with criminal backgrounds or lack of work experience prepare for and secure employment.

We will continue to reach out through social media, phone calls, and cards, assuring our vulnerable community that they are not forgotten, and are loved. Likewise, your health and welfare are of concern to us; please let us know how our staff can pray for you and your loved ones.

NorthEast of the Well remains committed to bringing the hope of the Gospel message and the assurance that God’s plans are to “…give you hope and a future.” (Jer. 29:11-12). In that passage, God promises to bring His people back from captivity – something we can hold onto today as well.

Once current restrictions are lifted, NorthEast is fully equipped to resume all ministry activities. Now, more than ever, your continued support is vital."

Be safe and blessed,
Founder & Executive Director - Laura Suk


While NorthEast is taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety of our community members during this time of fear and anxiety, we are also making sure to put our trust and faith in the Lord before we do anything else. We are so grateful for last night’s moments, as we were able to bring the Word of God to three different gatherings. It is times like these when we need to uplift one another, pray, and trust in the unlimited healing power of Jesus Christ.

Last night….

1. We gathered with the young ladies of Vera’s Sanctuary (licensed drug treatment site in OC dedicated to victims of human trafficking). Hannah (Communications & Special Events), Bethany (Donor Relations & Worship Lead), Emily (Grant Development & Special Projects), and Melanie (long time NE volunteer) brought a bible study, dinner, and worship to the ladies. It was the perfect time to discuss the healing power of Jesus Christ, as he traveled through towns and villages “curing every disease and illness.”
2. We ministered to 14 teenage girls within the OC Youth Guidance Center (juvenile hall substance-abuse rehabilitation for minors). It was nothing short of transformative. Lauren (Teaching & Worship Associate), Sarah (Ministry Program Administrator), Laura (Founder & Executive Director), and Jen (Anaheim Area Manager) brought worship, testimonies, and a powerful teaching out of John 4. The young girls were brought to tears by Pastor Laura’s teaching and by Lauren’s worship that filled the room with the Holy Spirit… Even the YGC staff was brought to tears. God was certainly moving within this “sister circle!”
3. Julie (Teaching & Re-Entry Associate) and Kristel (Worship Lead) brought a bible study to Action Alliance, a program for women in recovery. We meet with them every Thursday, and last night was no different. It was a blessing to spend time with them diving into the Word of God and His Healing Power.

Whether we are home or aboard, surrounded by many people suffering from the virus or only a few, please remember: Jesus Christ is with us as we endure and mourn, persist and prepare.

In place of our anxiety, may we feel the Lord’s peace and healing power.

2020 Girls Getaway Retreat

Pastor Laura (founder and executive director) was the keynote speaker for the Saint Andrews “2020 Girls Getaway” in San Diego! The highlighted theme for the weekend was “ARISE,” which was broken down into three different sessions: Invitation, Nurture and Empower. There were approximately 100 women present – it was truly a time for openness and growth.

The ladies of NorthEast are honored to have been such a large aspect of the retreat. Laura touched the group of ladies with spiritual development activities and God’s transformative words, while Bethany (Donor Relations; Worship Lead) helped the women feel the Holy Spirit through her musical talents.

A powerful moment took place when Laura invited people to stand; she asked the women to gather on one side of the room if they knew with certainty that they are saved/going to heaven, while on the other hand, she invited those to gather on the other side of the room if they are unsure whether they are saved or not. In these moments, people were able to own where they are in their walk with the Lord, versus where they want to be. In addition, the retreat was filled with jewelry making, holy yoga, a fiesta dinner, movie night, mindful time by the water, and much more.

We are grateful to the Lord for this time of connection with one another and growth with God.


Our wonderful staff members - Alex (Men’s Teaching & Discipleship Associate) and Jen (Area Manager of Anaheim) – have officially organized and launched our Teen Discipleship Group!!! We are beyond excited for this new group where kids and teens will be able to connect, learn, and grow with one another and Christ! The 4th Saturday of every month, Jen and Alex will be coordinating a day full of adventure, bible study, dinner, and different fun activities for 9 of our kids (so far)!

In summary, these kids deserve this group and this time for connection, as many have not had an easy upbringing by any means. Therefore, we are overjoyed to coordinate these experiences for them. This past Saturday was their first of many gatherings/adventures to come!  They started the day at the Cerritos Library where they explored the botanical gardens and the museum area. When the rain began, they took the kids to a 3D movie which they loved! Lastly, but most importantly, they adventured to the park where they shared on God’s beautiful plan for us, what has been going on in each of the child’s lives in depth, and much more, while enjoying yummy pizza at the same time!!