Pastor Laura (founder and executive director) was the keynote speaker for the Saint Andrews “2020 Girls Getaway” in San Diego! The highlighted theme for the weekend was “ARISE,” which was broken down into three different sessions: Invitation, Nurture and Empower. There were approximately 100 women present – it was truly a time for openness and growth.

The ladies of NorthEast are honored to have been such a large aspect of the retreat. Laura touched the group of ladies with spiritual development activities and God’s transformative words, while Bethany (Donor Relations; Worship Lead) helped the women feel the Holy Spirit through her musical talents.

A powerful moment took place when Laura invited people to stand; she asked the women to gather on one side of the room if they knew with certainty that they are saved/going to heaven, while on the other hand, she invited those to gather on the other side of the room if they are unsure whether they are saved or not. In these moments, people were able to own where they are in their walk with the Lord, versus where they want to be. In addition, the retreat was filled with jewelry making, holy yoga, a fiesta dinner, movie night, mindful time by the water, and much more.

We are grateful to the Lord for this time of connection with one another and growth with God.