NorthEast is in awe of the outcome of this year’s Fall Gala ~ Harvest on the Green. We are beyond grateful for the opportunity to put on this fundraising event, as it is our biggest of the year, and truly exists to spread awareness of our mission and our vision. Simply put: more awareness and support means that we may continue to heal those who are broken and continue to do God’s work. We offered our guests many “make a difference” opportunities, such as - Live Auction, Silent Auction, Raffle Prizes & Opportunities, Silent Shopping, and Golden Tickets. We are SO pleased to announce that we have succeeded our fundraising goal!

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to our donors, sponsors, volunteers, 214 guests, and the lovely ladies at Women at the Well who worked so hard to ensure this event was a success. We could not have done this without each of you.

Some highlights of the evening include:

- The NorthEast community presented our ministry through our Mission Critical Video, live testimonies, music, and more.

- Pastor Laura (executive director of NorthEast) spoke on our past accomplishments, present goals, and future aspirations. She opened the eyes and hearts of many people; in turn, forming new relationships and growing NorthEast supporters.

- Our testimonies were shared by two lovely ladies from the NE community: Sarah and Delilah. They underlined the difference of their life before they met NorthEast, verses their life now, after meeting NorthEast. They did an incredible job finding the strength to open up about their trials and hardships – many listeners were brought to tears. We are so proud of them.

- Our worship team: Bethany, Kristel, Matt, and Travis were a gift to us all. They did such a beautiful job celebrating and honoring Jesus Christ through the NorthEast theme song: Rescue.

- The live auction delivered by John Byers was a huge hit. Everyone had such a fun time bidding on various items to show their support!

- To end the night with a bang, the talented band Raffia came on stage and showed us a stellar performance! Our guests were up and dancing in no time.

A special thank you to each and every person who donated an item and/or experience to our Raffle. SO much excitement around this station!
So many incredible options to choose from!
An event to remember.
Dancing, enjoying, and singing! A huge thank you to Raffia for performing at our event!
Full of excitement at the Check-in Table!
Heather Re's Table - among many others. We are so thankful to all the lovely ladies at Women at the Well who worked so hard to ensure this event was a success!
Raffle and Golden Ticket Station - preparing to show to support!
Laura Suk (executive director) speaking on NorthEast - sharing our mission, our vision, our purpose.
Emily Schilling's Table - such amazing supporters gathered here. A special thank you to Stephanie and Kiera at Serving USA for being constant believers in NorthEast!
An outstanding display of giving opportunities.