BAPTISM: An outward sign of an inward transformation!

NorthEast was honored to baptize Andrew and Scott last night, as they are apart of our Long Beach Community. We first met them at Tarzana, where we bring a weekly bible study to every Thursday evening! It was moving to hear them share stories of their past that have lead them to where they are today. With Christ in their hearts, Scott and Andrew openly chose to dedicate their lives to the Lord, to use their struggles of the past as a way to better their future. We are BEYOND proud of them!

Scott and Andrew, we are so happy for you both! What a special night it was.
Bethany and Dave lead the most beautiful and intimate worship before we began the baptisms.
Andrew - being made new! We are so thankful to Ben (from our Newport Gathering) who was thrilled to Baptize Scott and Andrew alongside Pastor Laura (founder and executive director).