Yesterday morning, NorthEast was invited to the Gems Uncovered Graduation Ceremony. Let me tell you --it could not have been more SPECIAL!

What is Gems Uncovered???

►An in-depth and extensive program that supports women/girls who are victims and survivors of human trafficking, and guides them as they begin a new, bright life.

►Their Mission Statement: To rebuild lives affected by Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation by offering resources, counseling, awareness and education in a safe, nurturing and loving environment. They equip each survivor with tools to enable them to soar and achieve their dreams and walk in their purpose.

During the celebration, each of the beautiful graduates were presented with CROWNS (see photos)! -- this symbolized the fact that they were born queens, until someone knocked off their crown. But now, they have reclaimed their crowns, and are ready to take on this new, bright chapter in their lives as QUEENS -- who can accomplish anything they set their minds to! NorthEast is SO proud of them and honored to work alongisde such a great program.

Everyone (including NorthEast) who attended the graduation received the most precious crown pins -- to symbolize the fact that we as women, are here to support other women as they accomplish their dreams! WOMEN EMPOWER WOMEN!
This poem was written by one of the lovely graduates. She stood up and read it for all to hear -- everyone in the audience was moved, and filled with emotions / covered in shivers!
NorthEast team -- so happy to be a part of this life-changing program.
PICTURED: Stephanie (Serving USA and huge NorthEast supporter), Hannah (NE special events & communications coordination), Bethany (NE donor relations and worship lead), Gail (NE Pastor of teaching and discipleship), Shaneen (NE Long Beach Area Manager), and Heather (president of Women at the Well and a strong NE supporter)!