What an experience it was for some of our NorthEast team - who recently traveled to the Grand Canyon to work at the Havasupai Indian Reservation! Here, NorthEast brought the Word of God to the people within the Reservation.

The Havasupai people have lived here for centuries, as this area is considered one of America’s most remote Indian communities and reservations! Our team traveled down to the Supai reservation by foot, by horse, and by helicopter, as these are the only accessible ways down! In addition to sharing God’s Word and connecting with the Havasupai people, we accompanied and assisted the Veterinary Christian Foundation as they worked to help and treat the animals that are a part of the reservation.

We are thankful to God for bringing our team back safely, and for allowing us the opportunity to spread His Word to the people who have lived in the reservation for generations – and who may otherwise never hear it! It was especially wonderful to connect with the people through Worship; thanks to Bethany who sang the Lord’s songs unashamedly!

Our wonderful team!! Pictured: Greg Hunt (Teen Challenge); Jasmine O’Hea & Gail O’Hea (long-time NorthEast supporters); Laura (founder and executive director); Bethany (NorthEast staff member); Maura (VCF volunteer in small animals); Jacqueline (Laura’s daughter and equine surgeon); Joan Brown (NorthEast supporter)!