Our wonderful staff members - Alex (Men’s Teaching & Discipleship Associate) and Jen (Area Manager of Anaheim) – have officially organized and launched our Teen Discipleship Group!!! We are beyond excited for this new group where kids and teens will be able to connect, learn, and grow with one another and Christ! The 4th Saturday of every month, Jen and Alex will be coordinating a day full of adventure, bible study, dinner, and different fun activities for 9 of our kids (so far)!

In summary, these kids deserve this group and this time for connection, as many have not had an easy upbringing by any means. Therefore, we are overjoyed to coordinate these experiences for them. This past Saturday was their first of many gatherings/adventures to come!  They started the day at the Cerritos Library where they explored the botanical gardens and the museum area. When the rain began, they took the kids to a 3D movie which they loved! Lastly, but most importantly, they adventured to the park where they shared on God’s beautiful plan for us, what has been going on in each of the child’s lives in depth, and much more, while enjoying yummy pizza at the same time!!