While many things have indeed changed because of the global crisis, many things still remain the same. NorthEast of the Well continues to reach out, donate, and connect with our programs and outreaches weekly. The fact that we are able to virtually gather with our community members truly means the world to us! The way we come together and give-back is most certainly different during this season of social distancing, but our love for our NE community is never-changing.

Until we are able to join together in person once again, we are committed to our weekly zoom gatherings! Some of the programs that we are currently meeting with weekly via zoom include:

☼ Anaheim and Newport Community Gathering
☼ Long Beach Community Gathering
☼ Casa Teresa
☼ Kids Discipleship
☼ Newport Men’s Discipleship
☼ Men’s Bible Study
☼ Vera Sanctuary
☼ Newport Women’s Discipleship
☼ Long Beach Bible Study
☼ Rhino House
and more!

If you would like to be included in our Monday evening community zoom gathering (or any others), we encourage you to private message us your email address so we can add you to list/send you the zoom invitation!
When? Mondays @ 6:00 pm
How long? 1 hour, 15 minutes

✙ JOIN US!!! ✙

Pictured: Pastor Laura, NE founder & executive director, gathering with the young ladies of Vera Sanctuary (licensed residential drug treatment site in OC dedicated to victims of human trafficking) via zoom -- sending them love and word of encouragement! 📖

This just sums it up, doesn't it?!
We love our Prototypes Gals!!! So happy they came to join us!
Paula (wife of Bobby and lovely NorthEast community member) showing a FULL smile during gift give-a-ways with Kristel and Travis (worship leads)!