We may not be able to gather in person during this season of isolation — but that does not stop NorthEast from supporting, encouraging, and giving-back to our various outreaches and programs! Just this past week, we were blessed with numerous opportunities to connect with our NorthEast community. Not only did we donate a variety of desserts, bibles, and personalized scriptures to Vera’s Sanctuary (the only licensed residential drug treatment site in OC dedicated to victims of human trafficking), but we were also blessed with the opportunity to donate a full course dinner, flower arrangement, personalized bibles, and cards to 50+ residents of Crittenton (children and family services - providing solutions to heal the wounds of childhood trauma — specifically serving those that have experienced abuse, neglect, and system involvement).

--- More details on these wonderful days of giving-back:

The opportunity to donate a full course dinner, flower arrangement, and personalized bibles for 50+ residents of Crittenton was such a blessing for all involved. Bethany (NE donor relations) and Hannah (NE special events & communications) took the lead on this operation, and were thrilled to give-back to Crittenton during this season of uncertainty. Our friends at Crittenton were so grateful for the surprise and gifts. A special shout out to the Women at the Well President, Heather Re, for helping make this donation possible!

Laura (NE founder and director) and Shaneen (NE re-entry program coordinator) happily met with Lenora Ward and her husband Darrell, the Pastor of Village Church in Laguna Woods, who worked together to help NorthEast donate numerous desserts, bibles, and personalized scriptures to the young ladies at Vera Sanctuary. In addition, our supporters from Trabuco Presbyterian Church happily stepped in to donate a variety of desserts. After our team collected the various donations, they made it up the mountains to Vera's Sanctuary. The young ladies were overjoyed to receive the gifts and to see our NorthEast team, as we all miss our in person bible studies and gatherings so much!

Opportunities like this are blessings from God, and we will only continue to serve our community in any way that He will allow us to. We are so grateful for our donors and supporters who help make donations like these possible.
A special shout of to the ladies at Trabuco Presbyterian Church, Women at the Well, and all those involved in these donation operations!

Special note: During our donation deliveries, NorthEast keeps the current regulations forefront in our minds; making sure to social distance and wear masks/gloves during all operations.