NorthEast was given the opportunity to send and accompany 9 kids from our community (6th-12th graders) to the amazing Forest Home Winter Camp located in Forest Falls. This Winter Camp exists for kids and teens to: Encounter Jesus ~ Experience Transformation ~ & Engage the World. Here, the kids were not only able to enjoy themselves, develop meaningful relationships, participate in fun activities (volleyball, crafts, zip-lining, mini golf, laser tag, etc.), but also build their RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST.

The main theme of this camp was “SHINE,” as broken down in Matthew 5:16, which states, “In the same way, let your light shine before, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven.” This verse was discussed widely and truly resonated with each camper in a very impactful way.

Jen (NE Anaheim Area Manager), Alex (NE Men’s Teaching and Discipleship), and Sarah Mcqueen (Long Beach Children Lead) were each thrilled to be camp leaders for our kids. Some of their highlight moments from camp include:

✧ 1 teen gave her LIFE to the LORD, in addition to 6 campers recommitting themselves to God. They each shared on how they will begin praying more and opening the Word to grow closer with Christ!

✧ Campfire talk on “forgiveness” was profound, as each camper as well as counselors opened up; sharing on how forgiveness plays such a vital role in their walk with God. Several tears were shed, in addition to hearts touched.

✧The theme of Jesus’ disciples popped up continuously, as there were 12 campers and counselors at camp, just as there were 12 disciples following Jesus Christ – making this camp experience such a divine appointment with Christ!

We are so thankful to the Lord for allowing our kids this INCREDIBLE experience of self and spiritual growth!