We are beyond grateful to CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County) for sponsoring us, NorthEast of the Well, as the nonprofit organization to receive their donations. Once a year, CHOC selects a nonprofit to donate to, and in turn, all of their employees in the oncology department participate by opening their hearts and GIVING to those who need it most.

We are incredibly thankful to Grettel and Eliana, for dropping off the donations to our office and spreading their love to our community members.

~History with Grettel:~

Pastor Grettel Aumua is one of the leads in the oncology department at CHOC, and she is the one who chose NorthEast as the nonprofit organization to sponsor. She and her husband, Dr. Bishop Taisi, are Pastors at Unlimited Church, and have been Mission Partners with NorthEast for almost FIVE years! Not only has Grettel participated/sang with the NorthEast worship team, she has also helped lead “Kingdom Kids,” an aspect of our Children’s ministry. In addition, her husband, Dr. Taisi, has preached at our Anaheim gathering numerous times! Grettel’s willingness to lift up NorthEast has been a blessing to us since the first day we met her.

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts, to the oncology department. Your donations will help many, many of our community members and their children.

Receiving the wonderful donations from CHOC!
Pictured ~ Gretel (HUGE NorthEast supporter, lead at CHOC oncology department, and the person who is responsible for choosing to sponsor NorthEast at CHOC!), Laura (NorthEast Founder and Executive Director), Eliana (oncology department at CHOC), and Jen (NorthEast Anaheim Area Manager).