NorthEast was honored to be part of a wonderful ~~ Thanksgiving Dedication Service and Feast ~~ this past Sunday at the First Congregational Church in Anaheim! There were 6 different ministries present, including us, and each one shared a worship song during the service. A beautiful aspect of that is, almost all of the ministries embodied a different culture and language! We love seeing different backgrounds come together to serve the one true God. Following worship, we all enjoyed a yummy Thanksgiving Feast on the lawn!

Jen (Anaheim Area Manager) shared about NorthEast and our mission, as well as her own personal testimony, followed by a presentation of our mission critical video: ! In addition, we are grateful to Kristel Lease, Matt Lease, and Vlad Bozic (NorthEast worship team) who led the congregation in a beautiful worship song!

Over all, it was moving to hear so many encouraging words from other ministries, supporting what WE do, and coming together as one body of Christ.

~~~ Join us for a community gathering any Monday night, from 6-8pm, at the First Congregational Church (515 N State College Blvd, Anaheim), for dinner, worship, and the Word. We welcome all to come see what God has been doing in Anaheim since 2016!

Pastor Jim Schibstead (Lead Pastor of FCCA) opening up the ceremony with pastors of various ministries on stage! It is beautiful to see so many different backgrounds and cultures coming together as one body of Christ!
Some wonderul and long time NorthEast supporters came to show their support and enjoy the service! Pictured -- Jen (Anaheim Area Manager), Jeremiah (Jen's son), Susie H (Jen's mom; volunteer; in Anaheim discipleship), Shannon (LONG TIME Anaheim community member and in discipleship), and Shannon's daughter, Dominique!