Last night we were fortunate enough to Baptize not 1, but 12 members of our community! Each baptism was incredibly beautiful and powerful, as God's love was surely in the air. It is such a blessings to witness the men, women, and children in our community choose to openly dedicate themselves to God ~ it is celebrations like these that keep NorthEast going; that keep us reminded of the life-changing work we are doing through Him.

Volunteer Appreciation

We had such an incredible evening celebrating and serving our wonderful volunteers! Each one of them is SO appreciated - as they truly have gone above and beyond for the NorthEast community. We simply would not be who we are today without their continuous support, help, and efforts. We made this event all about serving them and showing our appreciation to each and every one of them, and we are so glad they enjoyed it!

Some highlights:

Human Bingo ~ such a fun way to start the evening!

NorthEast Awards (NEAs) ~ Kristel and Hannah awarded over a dozen volunteers for their specific efforts! It was the first year doing the NEAs and was such a great way to show our appreciation! Our VOLUNTEER OF THE DECADE award went to Kriste BustamanteLaura and Emily honored Kriste by expressing all the amazing things she does for NorthEast, and by gifting her with a one of a kind charm bracelet

Staff Members Express Appreciation ~ each staff member got to stand and personally thank our volunteers for their amazing work, which was a cherry on top of a perfect evening.


Just yesterday, Hannah, Kristel, Emily, and Bethany were able to host a fundraiser event for NorthEast of the Well at the beautiful house of Karen Lorenz! It was nothing short of a success.

We welcomed long-time NE supporters with open arms, and were delighted to welcome in some new faces, as well! We feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to speak on our ministry, worship together, share powerful testimonies, and fill our bellies with yummy food.

We are so thankful to Bethany and Kaitlin for sharing their testimonies and finding the courage to be open, raw, and honest. Hearing the story of their journey to God and to NorthEast was incredibly moving to us all.

We are beyond grateful to all those who helped organize this fundraiser, and especially to the Lord for allowing us to continue to grow this ministry through Him.

Successful Summer Camp

NorthEast was given the opportunity to send some of the kids and teens from our community to an amazing summer camp ~ Camp Pondo ~ located in Running Springs. Here, they were not only able to enjoy themselves, develop meaningful relationships, participate in fun activities (zip-lining, swimming, character building exercises), but also build their relationship with God.

The main theme of this camp was Ephesians 2:10, which states, “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” This verse was discussed in great depth and truly resonated with each camper in a very impactful way.


On the last night of camp, the kids circled around a bonfire. This was not just any bonfire, but one that allowed them to grow closer with the Lord. They each got a notepad and wrote down different things that they want to give up to God… They found the courage within to share their written words to the group, and then threw their notes into the bonfire before God and their peers. This exercise brought upon many tears, hugs, and life-realizations.

Many of the teens walked into camp with similar pasts/brokenness… Depression, struggles with suicide, absent parents etc. HOWEVER, each walked away from camp carrying a new perspective than the one they brought in… a new love for God… new + meaningful friendships… and with a newly found self-confidence.

We are so thankful to the Lord and to Yfc Spin-Ministry for allowing our kids this INCREDIBLE experience and opportunity for self-growth!

Village of Laguna Woods Church

This past Sunday, NorthEast was able to visit Village of Laguna Woods Church! We were welcomed in by Pastor Ward and his wife, Lenora, as well as Pastor Mike and his wife Judy. We are so thankful to each of them for bringing us in and allowing us to present our ministry, teach and worship, share a couple testimonies (by Bethany and Madeline), and pray over the congregation with us. We feel blessed to have had the opportunity to teach at the bible study before the service, and then open our ears to Pastor Laura’s message during the service. What a blessed series of events!!

We are humbled by and grateful for the uplifting scripture that was read over Laura during the service, and would like to share it:

Acts 18:9-10 -
One night the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision: “Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent. For I am with you, and no one is going to attack and harm you, because I have many people in this city.”

As seen in the photo, Pastor Laura and Pastor Mike were able to pray with the elders from the congregation – what a beautiful moment… filled with God’s love!

ALL IN ALL - NorthEast is so incredibly grateful to have been welcomed into three different churches in just the last month!! We pray for these three churches - Crescent Baptist in Anaheim, Canyon Hills Presbyterian in Anaheim Hills, and Village of Laguna Woods – to continue to spread the message of the Lord far and wide in their own wonderful ways.